A Comprehensive Review on Greenhouse Drying Technology

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Abhinav Dubey
Atish Sagar
Pankaj Malkani
Mukesh Kumar Choudhary
Sawant Sanket Ramnath


Drying is one of the most important unit operations for food preservation and storage. It is a energy intensive process and with the increase in the price and demand of electricity, renewable energy (solar) is proving its worth. Greenhouse dryers are low cost, easily constructible and can be utilised for invariably majority of agricultural commodities. The above attributes accounts for its high popularity in the Indian sub continents and Africa. An attempt has been made to generate a comprehensive review on the application, advances in construction, modelling, simulation and economics of the solar greenhouse dryers.

Green house drying, renewable energy, agricultural drying.

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Dubey, A., Sagar, A., Malkani, P., Kumar Choudhary, M., & Sanket Ramnath, S. (2020). A Comprehensive Review on Greenhouse Drying Technology. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International, 21(1), 10-20. https://doi.org/10.9734/jaeri/2020/v21i130123
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