Animal Production, Resource Engagement and Sustainability of Return

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Edin Ramić
Besim Salkić
Ensar Salkić
Amir Zenunović
Adela Mujić


In recent years, the topic of sustainability of return has been topical. A significant number, if not the vast majority, are in fact returnees to rural areas in the wider area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina.  There are many objective reasons why this is so, but in this paper we will deal with the perspectives of sustainable return on the example of the region "Srednje Podrinje". Animal production imposes itself as the simplest form of production in order to engage existing resources owned by returnees, primarily land. However, one of the problems faced by the inhabitants of rural areas is the lack of knowledge about the markets for agricultural products, in connection with their chances but also threats.

Returnees, rural areas, sustainable return, animal production.

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Ramić, E., Salkić, B., Salkić, E., Zenunović, A., & Mujić, A. (2020). Animal Production, Resource Engagement and Sustainability of Return. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International, 21(11), 1-9.
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